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  1. ItsJustDan

    Chaco Golden Knee Sling

    I recently got a chaco golden knee sling in the mail. I did a bit of research about slings here and there specifically for the Gold Knee. I was just wondering if anyone had any tips for the caring of a sling. My main concern is feeding, I bought 1/4 small crickets for it I just wonder if the...
  2. ItsJustDan

    How do I Keep Humidity In Tank? (20 Gallon Screen Lid)

    Long story short, My brother has a Bearded Dragon, He got a new tank, Was going to throw away the old one but I wanted to see if I can somehow turn it into a Pink toe Enclosure. I believe its a 20 Gallon tank Length 30.5 IN Height 13 IN Width 13.125 IN What I had before was a 3...
  3. ItsJustDan

    PinkToe Pre-Molt? Help

    Today has been the 3rd week that my T skipped feeding. She hasn't eaten anything yet and Im assuming its Pre-molt behavior. I googled How long they can last without eating and it said 3 months, So I shouldn't worry much. She did spun a bit of web but its nothing crazy she moves around here and...
  4. ItsJustDan

    Is this normal??? (Pink Toe T)

    Not too long ago I bought a Pink toe T from a nearby pet store (Ik gross a pet store) but I decided to give it a shot, it's such a crazy pet to have. Anyways, I've done a lot of research here and there, watched youtube videos from food to handling. But I keep noticing my PinkToe not moving...