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  1. Ranger94


    So Ruby has closed off her burrow I think premolt what y'all think
  2. Ranger94

    Help (eating mold)

    Ok I gave my t a roache and I went to check on him ryback my giant white knee and I noticed a small spot of mold and he is eating will it be ok till tomorrow afternoon or do I need to stop him from eating and rehouse him now
  3. Ranger94


    Ok I'm wanting to mix Coco do we with potting soil and I have been reading that perlite is bad for ts do any of y'all know a potting soil that doesn't have that
  4. Ranger94

    Trying to learn more

    I learned that Cypress is bad for ts I came across some big sycamore leaves and was wondering if those are also poisonous because I want to put them in my t's enclosure
  5. Ranger94

    Zebra knee

    My adult zebra knee (Ruby) will not eat dubia roaches but will eat crickets and I'm trying to switch over to dubias is there anything I can do like just keep trying the dubias till she eats or what
  6. Ranger94


    Does anyone have any thoughts on a suntiger t was looking at getting one
  7. Ranger94

    Good news

    Put a pinhead cricket in my giant white knees cage last night and it was gone today when I got home from work
  8. Ranger94

    Think my t is gone

    Saw what I though was mold in my slings cage so I went to rehouse it and could not find my giant white knee got it on may 23 this year it was 1/4 sling what would y'all suggest
  9. Ranger94

    Need help

    Ok I got a new sling Goliath white knee my first sling and he made him a new home and I spray it and have put food in cage for him but he will not come out and I can't see him how do I know he is ok hate to bug yall but I don't want anything to happen to him
  10. Ranger94


    Just got a Brazilian white knee sling I have not seen him since he borrowed it's only been a day and a half I'm pretty sure that's normal I just wanted to see if anybody else had anything to say it's my first sling
  11. Ranger94

    New t

    My Goliath white knee sling will be here tomorrow so excited
  12. Ranger94

    New t

    Looking into getting a salmon pink what size does his terrarium need to be any suggestions
  13. Ranger94

    Maybe a molt

    I think she is goin to molt
  14. Ranger94

    New t

    Was thinking o e getting a zebra knee how big should the ts tank be asking cause I only have one t right now just getting in to this
  15. Ranger94

    Help. (premolt or sick??)

    Have a pink toe she my first tarantula she is sliding down the glass last weekend she flipped over on her back and kicking her legs but did not molt is she sick or in premolt she is a year old and only molted once