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  1. spodermin

    how strong are tarantulas exactly..?

    The spiders themselves can be very strong actually. They could almost surely push a book off an enclosure if they /really/ wanted to get out. As far as enclosures go though, the main concern is simply holes larger than the diameter of the carapace or screens (especially for certain species)...
  2. spodermin

    Urticating hairs vs new world tarantula

    A spider's own hairs don't affect it at all and I've always gone by the assumption that the same species hairs don't matter either. But what about between two different species? If a brachypelma kicks hairs onto a chromatopelma, for example? Now the second question is: what about 'old world's...
  3. spodermin

    What sex is my Grammastola pulchripes?

    I should be more clear in saying its not that I specifically cannot vent sex spiders of that size, I mean to say it is not possible to period. They aren't nearly developed enough for it to even be distinguished yet. You need extreme magnification to even tell the molt at that size
  4. spodermin

    What sex is my Grammastola pulchripes?

    Cant vent sex accurately at that size but looks girly as any :cool:
  5. spodermin

    What sex is my Grammastola pulchripes?

    That's a pretty thick furrow and spaced book lungs. As everyone has said, not easy based off these pics but looks female to me
  6. spodermin

    Comment by 'spodermin' in media 'Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens (AF) - Angel'

    Its an arid species, very easy to care for. Dry substrate, water dish. Great eaters, great molters. Docile (one of the spiders Ill hold occasionally) and one of the best looking in the hobby period. They make epic webs too
  7. spodermin

    Comment by 'spodermin' in media 'IMG_20200204_221651.jpg'

    This pic does a great job showing how similar they look to hermit crabs
  8. spodermin

    Comment by 'spodermin' in media '20200128_142703.jpg'

    They are like tarantulas too in the sense that they have a premolt stage. But try a cricket or something more flighty if it doesnt touch the dubia after a week or so. Some specimens just wont bother with dubias
  9. spodermin

    Comment by 'spodermin' in media '20200128_142703.jpg'

    Definitely just turn it loose. It will immediately sense it if it's nearby, and begin hunting it. I gave the little guy a pinhead cricket, and it was smart enough to quickly learn the cricket would jump away if it walked towards it, so it sat still and used its antenna to tap behind the cricket...
  10. spodermin

    Comment by 'spodermin' in media '20200128_142703.jpg'

    Also these are waayyyyy cooler than a vinegaroon so you lucked out there. Just wait till you see it hunt. They're so clever
  11. spodermin

    Comment by 'spodermin' in media '20200128_142703.jpg'

    To be brief, as I am no expert myself: Arboreal enclosure, substrate doesn't matter just there to hold moisture. Relatively high humidity, 75-85%. Vertical structure to hang off during molt is mandatory. Corkbark is good, styrofoam is also very good although not aesthetic (but they can hold...
  12. Baby Damon diadema

    Baby Damon diadema

    I am in love with these things
  13. spodermin

    Comment by 'spodermin' in media '20200128_142703.jpg'

    These are sweet. I just picked up 4 damon diadema babies last weekend. I think I might sell most of my spider collection in favor of breeding these instead if all goes well
  14. spodermin

    Comment by 'spodermin' in media 'Mature Male stirmi'

    Thanks, Ill check it out when I get home
  15. spodermin

    Comment by 'spodermin' in media 'Mature Male stirmi'

    Thank you very much for these buddy. Have you ever made a video on enclosure setup for stirmi? I've never seen such a healthy enclosure and specimen
  16. spodermin

    Comment by 'spodermin' in media 'Goliath'

    Yo can you post some more pics of this guy? The palps, the body, size reference? I'd appreciate anything I have a pair of subadults Im trying to sex for 100%
  17. spodermin

    T standing with her butt up

    Yeah as mentioned to my knowledge this is defensive behavior. Hard to say what is causing her to do it but its hilarious. Perhaps you shuffling about in the room? Or if the heater is blowing on her the air disturbance would certainly do it
  18. spodermin

    Mm H Mac?

    Fair, well good luck with pairing him/finding a female!