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  1. syzygy

    Is PetCenterUSA gone?

    I did a forum search and didn't see any info about this. The PCUSA website seems to show zero stock. Anybody know if Paul is getting out of the trade or if they are just down while doing a website upgrade or something?
  2. syzygy

    BOGO sale

    Not sure if this is the right place to post this, but I notice that Paul at PetCenter is having a BOGO sale on about 10 different T's and thought it might be of interest to the group. It's not just the low cost commons either...B.baumgarteni, M.robustum, P.sazimai and a few others including...
  3. syzygy

    Finally have a male lat...how much longer now?

    Three months ago I received about 25 freebie lat nymph and I decided to try and raise them to start a feeder colony. They have gotten much bigger and I've just noticed that I have a confirmed male. I assume at this point he is sexually mature? I read that the the ooths take anywhere from 1-4...
  4. syzygy

    Saw this on CNN....thoughts?

    http://www.greatbigstory.com/stories/a-hairy-situation-the-red-kneed-tarantula-is-not-a-pet?iid=ob_homepage_deskrecommended_pool I knew that 15-20 years ago this was a problem, but had thought that because the B.smithi was easy enough to breed in captivity and is so commonly available as slings...
  5. syzygy

    Sunday surprise

    My Hapalopus sp. Colombia (Colombian Pumpkin Patch) molted a month or so ago and ever since I'd only seen it a couple times. I'd thrown a cricket in once a week or so and stupidly they would walk right into it's webbed den and never be seen again. On Sunday I tossed a dubia in. Its running...
  6. syzygy

    Smithi or not a smithi?

    After her last molt my "B smithi" started showing some color and I began to suspect i was actually sold a B emilia. Now she has molted again and I am even more convinced, but I wanted to post a photo and get input from the experts here. She has the triangular dark section on the carapace and...
  7. syzygy

    Brachy molted last night

    Probably a 5th instar B smithi(?) The image is a bit grainy and the edges of the molt are curled up which mostly blocks the anterior book lungs, but this appears to be a female to me. Anybody want to confirm or dissent?
  8. syzygy

    B.klaasi slings available!

    Hello again all. Work has gotten crazy and I've not posted in several months...sorry. Anyway, I know several members here have expressed interest in the past relating to the mythical B.klaasi so I wanted to let you know that Paul at Petcenter now has slings (1/4" to 1/2"). So random too. I...
  9. syzygy

    Net zero hobby?

    I currently have 4 T's, but 1 of them (my B.smithi) is actually a FD gift for my dad. I bought it last May as a 1/3" sling and by this coming June it should molt 1 last time and be around 2.5". He loves having T's but doesn't like the stress of fussing over tiny slings and isn't a fan of the...
  10. syzygy

    Next T recommendations?

    I have space in my office for a T (or 2) and thought it would be interesting to get thoughts from others. I've added a sig so that everybody can see what the kids and I already have. FYI...my kids named them. I'm looking for low maintenance terrestrial species. I prefer non webbing. The...
  11. syzygy

    P. Muticus likes being sealed up...normal?

    Got this one as a 1/2" sling and now a year of so later it is maybe 1.75". In the initial enclosure it had 2.5" of substrate and immediately dug down to the bottom. At some point in sealed off the entrance and I figured it knew what it was doing and let it be, but after a month I removed the...