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  1. Knitten

    What got you into tarantulas?

    Another arachnaphone here. To the point of jumping on the couch, crying my eyes out and screaming like a pig. Then I met another arachnaphobe who tried to control her fear by learning as much about spiders as she could. I started seeing them in a differently and start taking macro shots of...
  2. Knitten

    Winner of the July 2019 contest

    I bet haha. S/he is a beauty! Cool!
  3. Knitten

    Winner of the July 2019 contest

    I came here thinking only T's could get POTM, but as a crazy cat lady, I'm pretty surprised. Congrats!
  4. Knitten

    Dwarf species as beginner species?

    Thank you for sharing the pics! I love the name Charlotte!
  5. Knitten

    Dwarf species as beginner species?

    Wow, thank you all for your replies! I'm pretty interested in getting a bigger species as well, since, after actually thinkihng it through, and all the comments, they aren't massive overnight and i can easily adjust to their size as they grow. However speed would be a bit of a thing that would...
  6. Knitten

    Dwarf species as beginner species?

    Hi all. I would like to get a dwarf T as a starter because, since I used to have a really irrational fear of spiders, (not anymore, hence wanting to start in the hobby) I'm kinda worried the 'regular' ones will be a bit intimidating to me in size to start with. I love the Cyriocosmus...
  7. Knitten

    A slightly in-depth guide to tarantula anatomy and taxonomic terms

    I will have to read this another 499 times to finally understand what it all says, but this is very interesting and I bookmarked it. Thanks! :D
  8. Knitten

    Welcome to Tarantula Forum!

    Hey all, My name is Rose, living in Netherland. Very new in the hobby, and after years of being terrified of spiders, I came as far as to want to have a pet T. Obviously, getting a pet without being informed is just a dumb idea, so before actually getting one, I registered to this forum to do...