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  1. Pawandinverts

    US Jamie did it again!

    I ordered a nhandu chromatus, 25 Roaches witch there are way more than that, and water crystals. The tarantula came live and well. She was able to answer my questions very fast and professional. The shipping was fast (even with USPS lol) but the heat pack and packing was great! I am telling...
  2. Pawandinverts


    My Pink toe just molted almost two days ago, I removed the molt and left her alone. I checked on her just now to see how she was doing and she is curled up. I don't think she is dying, I touched her very lightly to see if there is any movement. She moved very slowly. This is my first pinktoe I...
  3. Pawandinverts

    Jamie's Tarantulas

    I just ordered off of Jamie and Im excited to receive my package in the mail. I can't Wait! Anyone else order from her before?
  4. Pawandinverts

    B. Vagans Breeding Question?

    My B. Vagans mated 4 times 3 weeks ago, can you breed them when the Female is 3 weeks gravid? Never tried it and I just wanted to know if I could. How long does it take for this species to lay a egg sac? Never had this species or breed them. Thanks, Preston. :)
  5. Pawandinverts

    Bugging out! (KenTheBugGuy)?

    Does anyone know if this show is still on? Because I really want to watch it! I was watching some short clips on it! It looks like a VERY good show or something I would really like!
  6. Pawandinverts

    Payson Blonde Molt!

    I just wanted to say that my Payson Blonde molted! I would upload a Pic but my PC, is not working how it should. :(
  7. Pawandinverts

    Trap Door Spider!

    Who thinks I should get a Trapdoor Spider? I think they are sweet! I was watching some YouTube videos of them eating! They are amazing when they eat. Thing is they are aggressive and more powerful venom. Check out some YouTube videos of them eating! :) www.kenthebugguy.com go to the "Other...
  8. Pawandinverts

    I found a jumping spider in my T room! :)

    I found a jumping spider I kept him and put him in a cage! :) I am loving this cute little guy! :) I put a mealworm in there with him and he took it and was eating it! :) I have a funny question but what shout its name be? Thanks, Preston. :)
  9. Pawandinverts

    B. Vagans for sale!

    I am selling a B. Vagans sling! It is 1/2 inch. I am selling him $15.00 shipped. Send me Private Message if interested. I need to sell it because I am getting a egg sac soon of B. Vagans. It is the only one I have left from my last sac. Thanks, Preston. :) P.S. I have a thread started in the...
  10. Pawandinverts

    Going to get a new species!

    Going to get my first Lasiodora paraahybana. I have been keeping tarantulas for years but mostly the Grammostola and Brachypelma also Avics. I also have GBBs. If you have one, what are your experiences with them? Thanks, Preston :)
  11. Pawandinverts

    My brother in the hobby.

    I am trying to get my brother in the hobby with me. I am offering him his first tarantula free with his very own cage with it. Dooes anyone know of a good idea is to get him to join the hobby? Thanks, Preston. :)
  12. Pawandinverts

    Want- Grammostola pulchripes (Chaco golden knee)

    Hi if anyone has anyGrammostola pulchripes (Chaco golden knee) for sale please tell me through Private message, tell me the price, the size of the T and how much shipping is. Thanks, Preston. :)
  13. Pawandinverts

    Are OBT Good?

    This is so embarrassing don't laugh at me but I have been keeping tarantulas for 9 years and breeding them but never bought a OBT. I never kept one or I never breed any. I just had no interest in buying one until now. Should I get one? Can someone post a Pic of yours? I want one now because I...
  14. Pawandinverts

    Pets Stores Have no knowledge of Tarantulas! I get Lucky!

    I just went to the pet store, and they had tarantulas there and they had rose hairs and a tarantula called Cinnamon Tarantula witch was a Cobalt Blue. There was a brazilian red and white tarantula witch the called it the the green leg tarantula. I have no I idea where they got that name. I asked...
  15. Pawandinverts

    B. Vagans Gravid.

    I breed B. Vagans, I just wanted to know how long does it take for her abdomen start getting bigger? With my other species it takes around 2 weeks. But What about B. Vagans? Does anyone know?
  16. Pawandinverts

    How Much I love this forum! :)

    I just wanted to say how much I LOVE THIS FORUM! Everyone is so nice! Thanks to everyone that is apart of this forum! You guys are the BEST! :)
  17. Pawandinverts

    Post a Picture of your Tarantula! :)

    I want to see some tarantulas, so can everyone post some pictures of your tarantula for any other type of Inverts! I want to look at some cool pics. Thanks, Preston! :) I will upload a picture of mine as soon as I get home! (I am out of town).
  18. Pawandinverts

    I Mated some B. Vagans! :)

    I just mated B. Vagans! :) The male did his job good and female did not put up a fight! :) I mated them three times. They make a good couple. LOL :)
  19. Pawandinverts

    My 2.5 inch B. albopilosum! :)

    This is my 2.5 inch B. albopilosum. I sold all of my other slings I hatched out but kept one. :) He/she hatched out about a year ago. I love this one. :)
  20. Pawandinverts

    Hi Everyone! :)

    Hi, my name is Preston Wackerly. I own 304 Tarantulas! 2 Bearded Dragons and 2 Dogs! :) I breed Tarantulas! Current Project-B. Vagans! I just want to say hi to everyone! I am glad to be apart of this community! :)