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Comments on Profile Post by Trew321

  1. Phil
    Hi, yeah not as many now. Euthus sp red, diversipes, ockerti, Hati Hati an kaeng krachan going next week hopefully. Also got a guy interested in the true curly hairs and sazimai and the bara pokie. I will try and dig the thread out for the list.
    Dec 10, 2016
  2. Phil
  3. Trew321
    You still got the Brazilian red and white?
    Dec 10, 2016
  4. Phil
    Hiya, assume you mean the Nhandu chromatus? I have a juvenile at £10 that a guy is supposed to be interested in but he seams to be a bit of time waster tbh. If you look at my link to pictures I am sure there is a pic just after it moulted about a month ago if you want to check it out.
    Dec 11, 2016