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    US Female adult Green bottle blue

    Still looking for female?
  2. xTN-ANTMANx

    US Wanted MMs

    Still looking? If so, which ones?
  3. xTN-ANTMANx


    Where u located? Im interested in the single vitatta
  4. xTN-ANTMANx

    US RARE Tarantulas. Adults/Pairs

    Some gorgeous specimens here my friend! That P. sp "Arusha" is amazing! Same with the Chilobrachys! Beautiful!!! One day ill own a P. ultramarinus lol. I've yet to own any Phamphos...unfortunatly. Oh... this is the mantis guy you trading with lol
  5. xTN-ANTMANx

    US MM Harpactira cafreriana

    As the title says I have a MM Harpactira cafreriana that just hooked out like 3 weeks ago. Came home yesterday morning find him constructing his first sperm web so he is charged and ready to go. Because of it being a more Uncommon species I am wanting try and get him to a female. I am more...
  6. xTN-ANTMANx

    US Looking for M. balfouri and T. violaceus slings (and more)

    As anyone knows, most online dealers are overly expensive. Im not wanting to do a communal just yet but at the same time, still in the market to get 4-6 M. balfouri slings. I'm also looking for around 2-4 T. violaceus slings as well. Those 2 species are the main on my list at the moment and I'm...
  7. xTN-ANTMANx

    Communal or variety???

    I'm already leaning towards getting more species than the communal but id like to still get a female M. balfouri because Arachnoclown has a great point...to have a successful breeding of the species would be the perfect time to try the communal.
  8. xTN-ANTMANx

    Communal or variety???

    Hey everyone, so as title of this thread states, I'm at a crossroads LOL. Ever since getting back into the invert hobby I have seen numerous species that, of course, I want to add to my collection. One of which being the M. balfouri mainly because of the communal setup. I mean who wouldn't want...
  9. xTN-ANTMANx

    Anybody ever adapted a Fererro Rocher box into an enclosure?

    ...just read the other messages lol...guess ima lol late...oh well, maybe someone else will benefit from it
  10. xTN-ANTMANx

    Anybody ever adapted a Fererro Rocher box into an enclosure?

    Look up The Dark Den on YouTube...he has a great DIY video on these exact containers for arboreals and of course you can use it as a terrestrial enclosure as well. I have 4 of these made both ways. I'll link the video real fast to make it easier...they are awesome for my C. versicolor sling. My...
  11. xTN-ANTMANx

    TN B. lateralis question...

    Indeed! I have a local pet store that's supposed to get some for me but we will see how that goes...I want a colony big enough tho to start feeding and still have plenty to start them growing.
  12. xTN-ANTMANx

    TN B. lateralis question...

    That's why I want then so bad lol. My Dubia are decent but even my ant colonies have trouble getting in their exoskeleton if I don't break them open sometimes. I'll prolly order me some in a few days...I've seen plenty of online dealers, was just hoping to get some locally.
  13. xTN-ANTMANx

    US Large list for sale. RARE slings, juvies, females, adults, pairs....

    Ok...so basically first number is male, 2nd number is female, and 3rd number is unsexed...nice quick way of saying it all lol. Thx my friend. Much appreciated
  14. xTN-ANTMANx

    US Large list for sale. RARE slings, juvies, females, adults, pairs....

    I'm new to these forums so this may be a dumb ass question but what are the numbers to the left? What do they represent? Example, 0.0.1, 0.1.2 and etc... I see them in multiple posts. Just curious and thanks.
  15. xTN-ANTMANx

    TN B. lateralis question...

    So I live in Tennessee and currently have plenty of Dubia roaches to feed my Ts but I really want some red runners (B. lateralis). I'm curious to know if there's anyone from Tennessee on here that knows a good source to get them from close by? I live in West Tennessee also. If not, does anyone...