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  1. T Lurksalot

    US ISO Female Psalmopoeus Pulcher

    Looking for a subadult or young adult, if you have one you’re willing to part with please DM me, thanks!
  2. T Lurksalot

    US FS: Juvenile Female GBB

  3. T Lurksalot

    US Looking for young female GBB

    I have a 3.5” female for sale, I’m on the east coast though so would have to ship. DM me if you’re interested.
  4. T Lurksalot

    US FS: Juvenile Female GBB

    0.1.0 Chromatopelma Cyanopubescens 3.5” DLS - $180 Due to heat right now local pickup in the Northern Virginia area is greatly preferred, but I’m willing to ship via FedEx priority overnight with cold pack so long as the forecast for the arrival destination expects highs less than 90f. I also...
  5. T Lurksalot

    US Large p. Ornata female for sale

    She’s gorgeous! What state are you in?
  6. T Lurksalot

    4 spider monte

    C. Cyanopubescens P. Pulcher P. Regalis P. Murinus
  7. T Lurksalot

    New amazing microhabitats!

    Hello George, Do you plan to offer a version with ventilated plexi tops? Many of us T keepers won’t use enclosures with wire mesh screen, it’s dangerous for our animals and they can often rip through it and escape.
  8. T Lurksalot

    US @KAZ10Z

    Picked up an AF P Regalis from James, nice guy and responded quickly to all messages. Transaction went smooth and “band-aide” ^^ arrived safely. Would definitely buy from again.
  9. T Lurksalot


    In light of the comments I just wanted to chime in that I bought the Regalis and the photos aside I’m quite happy with the sale. James was easy to work with and I can confirm he’s based in IL.