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Apr 28, 2016
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Member, from Summerville, SC

We're exotic pet breeders, concentrating on tarantulas, scorpions and centipedes. Apr 28, 2016

    1. Wallagator
      do have peru black white tarantula c ritea
    2. PinchersNPokies
      We're exotic pet breeders, concentrating on tarantulas, scorpions and centipedes.
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    Pinchers & Pokies Exotics, LLC is a small business run by a husband-and-wife team that we started in October of 2012.

    My wife (then fiancé) asked if she could bring her son’s tarantulas over to my house to keep them safe. I set the five of them up in my spare bedroom, aka computer room. When I came home from work and was surfing the net, I found myself leaning back in the chair watching the T’s instead of actually working on the computer. At first I was skittish about feeding them and messing with the dubia roaches she’d bring over, and I’d make her do it. I found it fascinating to watch them stalk and attack the roaches! A few months later she took me to a Repticon in Charlotte, NC, and we came home with a bunch of slings. Let the addiction begin!

    At the next Repticon, in Columbia, SC we came home with a bunch of scorpions, including a few Emperors and a few Desert Hairys, and now we had some new pets!

    I simply can’t say no to my amazing wife, so we’ve now amassed a bit of a menagerie of different critters. We seem to like to try out new ones to determine the positives and negatives and each one, and also because when my wife says “awwww” I seem to whip out my wallet.

    We have (or have had) three cats, three dogs, African pygmy hedgehogs, Blue-bar Panther chameleons, Jackson’s chameleons, Veiled chameleons, pet rats, Columbian Tegus, Sugar Gliders plus various frogs, geckos, skinks, ball pythons, mantids, centipedes, millipedes, and Dominican Mountain boas. The only thing I’ve said “no” to are baby squirrels. But our first love remains our true love: tarantulas and scorpions.

    We have a few long-term and short-term goals in our business plan and are are exploring the species we like. Personally, I really enjoy the GBB’s, Poeci’s and Nhandu’s.

    We keep detailed records of where and when we purchase everything so that we will not be breeding siblings or cousins. Therefore we may only sell one or two of each species at a time, should we only have purchased a few at one shot. We are breeding for strong stock as much as possible and we’ve had a few success stories already.

    Personally, I love doing research, and I have been working on a GIANT spreadsheet project with as much information as I can find for EVERY tarantula and scorpion. A bit ambitious, huh? We plan on creating and constantly improving upon care sheets for our arachnids.

    We're constantly researching and discovering new stuff about our arachnids, and we love talking to other "arachnid passionate" people.

    Thank you,
    Erik & Amanda