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    A few questions about Tarantula's

    How often do you feed it and is it always a meal that size?
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    New enclosures, first timer.

    https://tomsbigspiders.com/2014/08/31/hapalopus-sp-columbia-the-pumpkin-patch/ Here's a good read EDIT: Sorry wrong link at first. This is not C. elegans but a similar size and burrowing characteristic T. Here's a species-specific link http://www.mikebasictarantula.com/Cyri-elegans-care-sheet.html
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    New enclosures, first timer.

    For an adult that may reach 2" in size a 3"x3" is too small regardless of depth. Average C. elegans adult is 1.5"+ I'd be looking for a 6" cube or 8" round with about 4" of substrate. You can start a 3/4" to 1" sling in that enclosure but you will most likely have to re-home it some day.
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    Should I move my tarantula

    I have several tiny guys in vials setup with substrate, moss and a starter burrow. They will be there for several molts. Picture?
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    Avic project thread

    #3 was hanging out of its web hammock this morning, I assumed that meant it was hungry so I fed all 4 of these guys #4 still refusing to eat, even tried a smaller roach than last time. #3, already molted to 6i a few weeks ago, got a larger roach this time and nailed it instantly. #1 and 2 both...
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    Favorite or fantasy destination?

    Lol Thailand, I want to go for the food and because I love southeast Asia in general One day will be Japan, but I want to see where some of our beloved OW species live - in jungles!
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    Comment by 'octanejunkie' in media '20200519_211235.jpg'

    Pretty sure this is a guy but will know soon https://tarantulaforum.com/media/somebody-is-gonna-molt-soon.10023/full
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    Welcome and congratulations :) :T:
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    Should have done this a couple weeks ago

    Nice @Seamus ! Working on my T-rax (not a typo but a horrible pun) and will post pics soon :p
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    Hapalopus sp. Colombia "pumpkin patch" large

    For @Bethan567 The enclosures are basic 4oz deli cups that the market sells salads in. I filled 2/3 with substrate, use a soldering iron to burn air holes all round for ventilation. I added moss and cork bark chunk that I cut from a slab and shaped to size. I made a starter burrow against the...
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    Who's molted today

    Take a look at the thread I started about these fellows, you'll see.
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    My pink toe seems sick

    It's not a good setup for an avic, it's more geared towards an non-avic arboreal like psalmopoeus or tapinauchenius, or a terrestrial. Avics don't live on the ground and don't go to ground often. You want a tall enclosure with a vertical cork bark flat, leaves and cover up high. They live high...
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    Hello from a proud new T owner

    Welcome and congratulations :T:
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    A. Avic housing

    Amac boxes. The two online sellers I mentioned sell them. I got that one from the container store and drilled it.
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    A. Avic housing

    Here are a few samples of avic enclosures The last one is an Exo Terra Nano Tall but that's too big for a 2" spider Good luck!