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Recent content by Miya sishairy

  1. Miya sishairy

    My s kovariki has died

    I did everything I was supposed to do so guess it was just an unlucky one but I will be ordering another when the weather gets a bit warmer x
  2. Miya sishairy

    My s kovariki has died

    Awww I was feeding my spoods today and found my s kovariki sling on top of its cork bark hide motionless I think its gone no death curl though its very pale in colour and no sign of a molt first timenive seen it since I had it 3 weeks ago im gutted
  3. Miya sishairy

    My versicolors new clothes

    New outfit
  4. Miya sishairy

    New spoods

    So my bf left me so to cheer myself up i bought more spoods New ones are all slings P regalis H maculata C darlingi H longpipes D pentaloris P sazimai B cabocla and a P muticus all in mystery boxes 1 £10 and 1 £20
  5. Miya sishairy

    New babies!!!!

    Ohh yes x
  6. Miya sishairy

    New babies!!!!

    Thanks hun x
  7. Miya sishairy

    New babies!!!!

    So I went to the reptile shop to grab spood food and some bits and bobs and ended up getting another 2 slings a pumpkin patch and a Mexican red knee a little pick me up after finding my lovehart butt in a death curl last week x
  8. Miya sishairy

    My almost mm seemanii

    Thanks for the information hun and yes hes a stunner lol
  9. Miya sishairy

    Advice for getting my first aboreal

    If you're local to Cardiff they have c versicolor slings £9 in the reptile cymru bred by the lass that works there ive got one and its doing fab ive only got it in a cracker tub put plenty of air holes around the top section and plenty of stuff for it to climb.
  10. Miya sishairy

    September/October 2020 photo competition entries

    Think its to do with their big floofy toes and the way they walk is just so adorable
  11. Miya sishairy

    September/October 2020 photo competition entries

    I just did a rehouse on my one the little **** bolted right up my arm mines not as big as yours yet though still a little cutie
  12. Miya sishairy

    My baby p. Metallica come out of her hidey hole

    Oh yes I hardly see this one since I re housed it and it molted :(
  13. Miya sishairy

    My fur babies

    Thanks and yeah im addicted big time now lol