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    US Mature Female Diamantinensis

    Long shot but message me if you’re looking to sell one, thanks
  2. Kurtwalthers

    US Tarantulas/scorpions/centipedes

    Availability Tarantulas: Adults/Juveniles: Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens female (Green Bottle Blue) 3” ($175) Tliltocatl Vagans (Mexican Red Rump) 2.5-3” unsexed $35 Tliltocatl Albopilosum (Curly Hair) 2.5-3” unsexed $30 Pelinobius Muticus (King Baboon) 3” unsexed $45...
  3. Kurtwalthers

    US 2 mature male cobalt blue for sale

    I have two mature females ready to go
  4. Kurtwalthers

    US C. cyaneopubescens (GBB) wanted in the North Atlanta area

    I have some but am in PA so would need to ship
  5. Kurtwalthers

    What's everyone listening to?

    Did you listen to the other new song, Straight to Hell? Ozzys still got it man
  6. Kurtwalthers

    P. Ornata

    My P. Ornata coming out for a misting
  7. Kurtwalthers

    US New Reptile Expo in the Poconos!

    What’s up everyone, just wanted to let everyone know that I am starting my own reptile expo in Pennsylvania. I’m shooting for March. If you are from the tri state area, I’d love for you guys to come check it out. Facebook page and website should be up shortly!
  8. Kurtwalthers

    US Female adult Green bottle blue

    I’ll have slings for Sale next week if you’re interested
  9. Kurtwalthers

    US New List!

  10. Kurtwalthers

    US New List!

    New list! C. Versicolor 1.5” $50 A. Seemani 1-2” $15 A. Minatrix (uncommon) 3/4” $50 P. Murinus (OBT) 1/2” $20 H. Maculata 1/4” $15 Deals on multiples!
  11. Kurtwalthers

    Gbb enclosure

    Everything was covered above, but you can have a lot of fun with a gbb enclosure. They love to Web so get creative with anchor points
  12. Kurtwalthers

    US Slings for Sale

    Versicolor SOLD OUT other species are going fast
  13. Kurtwalthers

    US Slings for Sale

  14. Kurtwalthers

    US Balfouri Communal

    Selling 5 Balfouri for $400. They are 1 inch in size. Shipping depends on location so message me for a quote! Thanks