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    US Slings for Sale

  2. Kurtwalthers

    US Balfouri Communal

    Selling 5 Balfouri for $400. They are 1 inch in size. Shipping depends on location so message me for a quote! Thanks
  3. Kurtwalthers

    US Slings for Sale

  4. Kurtwalthers

    US Slings for Sale

  5. Kurtwalthers

    US Slings for Sale

    Yo! I currently have these slings for sale, hit me up! 1-2 inch A. Seemani $15 each 3/4 inch Versicolor $30 each 1/2 inch T. Cupreus $20 each 3/4 inch P. Reduncus $25 each Shipping depends on your zip code, so shoot me a message with yours included and I’ll get you an Estimate. Thanks!
  6. Kurtwalthers

    US P. metallica 4"

    How about $40 for both
  7. Kurtwalthers

    US Looking for these males and a few others

    Just pulled a P irminia sac. First time ever pulling a sac. If all goes well I’ll hit you up!
  8. Kurtwalthers

    US Slings for sale!

    Now doing a package deal. 1 of each species for $110 plus shipping
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    US Slings for sale!

  10. Kurtwalthers

    US MM P. Nigricolor

  11. Kurtwalthers

    US Arizona Blonde - Aphonopelma chalcodes

    I have a MM and an adult female any tips for breeding? Thought I read somewhere you have to simulate the seasons
  12. Kurtwalthers

    Versicolor enclosure

    Yeah definitely gonna try that in the future, I realized that’s the way to go after setting it up haha
  13. Kurtwalthers

    US Slings for sale!

    Selling these slings: Y. Diversipes $42 ea A. Purpurea $55 ea C. Versicolor 3/4 inch $40 ea Shipping is 2-3 day for $12. I could work out some deals if you buy more than one sling
  14. Kurtwalthers

    Versicolor enclosure

    Old picture, but one of my favorite enclosures. It’s now webbed up completely