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Recent content by Gardez

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    Now, the formal introduction

    Beautiful dog:) Do you do any animal herding with it in future?
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    Newcomer spiecies?

    Nice but sorry guys I meant some scorpion species
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    Newcomer spiecies?

    Hello, do you know some good newcomer species which don't need too high temperatures? Please only latin names
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    Roach party in the castle

    Cool thoughts:) Yeah think self and be yourself
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    Roach party in the castle

    Yeah sometimes people are stupid. My opinion.
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    Roaches vs. Crickets

    I feed my smaller spiders with smal mealwoorms
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    Also in the same terraium the humidity can be very different. In thr foregroubd it can be very high and in the background not
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    C versicolor sac hatched and P. regalis EWLs

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    Holiday Wishes

    Happy holidays
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    Happy yo be here

    Welcome(: Nice guys do you have
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    Dwarf Tarantulas

    Oh I m sorry. I didn't read your text accurate and to the end. Please ignore that I write something about the Cyriocosmus ritae
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    Dwarf Tarantulas

    I really like your dwarf species. I've got new idea which species I would keep^^ An other dwarf specie is Cyriocosmus ritae. I also think the other species of Cyriocosmus very beautiful too.
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    C*ckroach car ride