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  1. Cam_bull

    T. Blondi new owner, should have started with something easier...

    My room stays at around 60-70 degrees in the winter, and high 70s during the warmer season. All my tarantulas, along with other inverts do fine.
  2. Cam_bull

    T. Blondi new owner, should have started with something easier...

    You don’t need any heat sources, you can bake the tarantula. They do fine at room temp. As for humidity, don’t even pay attention to the numbers. Spray/mist once or twice a day make sure the substrate stays moist, and you can cut plastic pieces out of bigger Tupperware’s to stick under 75% of...
  3. Cam_bull

    US C. versicolor MM

    Does anyone need a MM versicolor? Mine just molted out MM today. If interested message me
  4. Cam_bull

    US US Captive Bred—SLINGS | MM | MF

    Is the MM regalis still available?
  5. Cam_bull

    US MM T. stirmi

    what size sling?
  6. Cam_bull

    US MM T. stirmi

    old world arboreal?
  7. Cam_bull

    US MM T. stirmi

    Make an offer, I would honestly rather trade him for something else though I would actually rather trade him outright for something else
  8. Cam_bull

    US MM T. stirmi

    I have a penultimate 9.5 inch male
  9. Cam_bull

    US GBB for sale

    Those for sale too?
  10. Cam_bull

    US Young Adult female Poecilotheria Metallica

    How big is she?
  11. Cam_bull

    US Updated list

    How big is the Hapalopus sp. Large? Thanks!
  12. Cam_bull

    Is my T. stirmi in premolt?

    Definitely, and you wouldn’t believe it but I bought 240 super worms to start my own colony for her and I’ve never once gotten her to take one, I’ve tried every way. I mostly just stick to crickets and usually a mouse once every 1-2 months, does she look like she’s in premolt? I’ve been asking...
  13. Cam_bull

    Sexing 1” sling

    Hey guys, was wondering if anyone had an idea on sex (1” P. rufilata) I’m stuck going back and forth between male and female, thanks! And I know it’s not definite but just looking for some guesses
  14. Cam_bull

    Is my T. stirmi in premolt?

    I mostly feed crickets, but for the past few weeks only small frozen mice because of the shortage of other feeders
  15. Cam_bull

    Is my T. stirmi in premolt?

    (Is this premolt) Hey guys, so there’s been a cricket shortage in CT for whatever reason, so ive been trying to give my big T. stirmi a mouse for the past two nights which is normally no problem at all, but she’s refused both times and this time instead of just showing no interest she went to...