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    My tarantula drinks a lot of water

    I've had the same issue. Using the water dish that come with Jamies T's large housing kits I've had a couple that just would not hold water. I believe that they are some kind of resin but not sure. I removed them from the enclosure and refilled them and left them on the lip of my sink and sure...
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    US Updated list: 04/09/2021

    DUUUGGHHH....I learn to be smart some day,,, I've never purchased from Casey but have every intention to soon. I've been visiting this forum for a while now mostly thru the Wed. digest as I don't have the time or the knowledge to share with others but I know who does and that would be Casey. As...
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    US Updated list: 04/02/2021

    Please Casey, please stop torturing us!. ;-p. Never considered how bare your lawn was, until now.
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    US P. Irminia and A. Geniculata super deal, wholesale to the public.

    And the Cattdigity Cat and especially the Foxdigitty Fox. Sorry Casey, not sexualizing, just stating the obvious ;).
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    US P. Irminia and A. Geniculata super deal, wholesale to the public.

    Hey Casey, could you please tell us about Tarantulas & Recoverees. (not sure if that's a play on words or a misspelling). BTW, it's warming up nicely here northern Indiana ( just north of clan country :( ) and looking forward to purchasing a few of your larger little buggers soon.
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    US Typhochlaena seladonia

    Casey, are you in the US?. I´ve seen many of your listings on this forum but assumed you were in the UK. Been visiting here for a while mostly thru the digest while assuming this was a mostly UK site. If you are in the US let me know. Have money won´t travel...but have internet.... and a...
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    Transition to Old World T’s - any advice?

    But like most old worlds they are the most trainable. If you point at it and say ¨bite¨ they will most likely obey except maybe the bite will be in the armpit :)
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    B. smithi not eating~

    And a roach clip.
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    G. Puchara (Brazilian black) Sexing, Thinking Male?

    Hey Casey K! I´ve. been following this forum for months now and just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your advice and input. There are many others of course but your kindness and compassion really stands out. Iḿ up to six Tś now and my male GBB is the only one I see regularly. My Blue...
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    Synced Molting????

    I dont'T have a Gooty but I do have a Raj blue dwarf. IMO they want to kill us. Kill us all everyone. And my dwarf is little, just a little *****. She is a joy to own but being careful is part of the program. Carefully keep her moist and keep her fed and hope for the best.