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    US Casey K's Tarantulas Review

    This review is over-due (sorry Casey). Casey's communication is fantastic - very courteous and quick. The prices on her spiders is also very excellent. My only complaint would be with packaging - I feel like toilet paper rolls are not a very sturdy container to be shipping spiders in, and would...
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    Hmm... Very tempting! If I were to do one each of the boehmi and smithi, in addition to the original four, is there any sort of discount or free shipping perhaps available?
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    Hi Casey, I would be interested in 2 b. Emilia and 2 b. Albiceps. If you have other young brachys I may be interested in those as well. Let me know what you have left.Thanks!
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    Juvenile stirmi just rolled over!!!!!!!

    I like how she's turned around in the second pic. Not sure if she is shy or showing off! ;)
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    US M. balfouri slings. communal species 2 for$100 shipped 2 LEFT ..

    Hi Doc, Money sent - left a belmont address in the notes on paypal as well as my number. I prefer hold for pick up if possible. Thank you so much!
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    Christmas T's!

    No Christmas T's - but hoping on a couple of slings very soon. Otherwise hoping on getting some Brachypelma males for some of my adult females once the weather warms up. Hope everyone had a lovely holiday!
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    US M. balfouri slings. communal species 2 for$100 shipped 2 LEFT ..

    Hello Doc, I'd like to speak for that last group of 3 balfouri slings if still available. I'd like the free cambridgei sling as well. If the balfouri are no longer available I'd still be interested paying the shipping for the freebie. Thank you for your time! Christina