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  • Neobarrettia spinosa eggs
    Hello sir.How are you? Are there any Neobarrettia eggs for sale this year? i want to buy some
  • 588C9561-9973-44D9-9CFF-55883A68CAD2.jpeg
    Kind of looks like Mr. T to me!
  • Example of 'stable sandy substrate' (30 oz delicup)
    The reason i post this, is because I'm tired of people claiming sand is 'ToO aBrAsIvE oN tHe BoOk LuNgS'..
    Well.. go look at some aphonopelma habitats and tell me what the substrate is.
    SAND AND CLAY. Ive been housing these guys on this stuff for years and they're always healthier and...
  • Mini-caves!
    I've seen a lot of people get creative with hot glue. I even bought some from Hobby Lobby that were opaque colors. Pretty cool!
  • Mini-caves!
    I use hot glue. Make a hump of wet sand in a bowl to the size you need and simply coat it with hot glue. Let it cool for a few, then cut a doorway, solder it a bit with the gluegun tip to smoothen for aesthetics check for holes

    Though i also sometimes mimic a 3d printer myself

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