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  • Stirmi5.jpg
    nice set up. I have a Habisphere with some dart frogs in. One thing I have noticed, others commented on this too, the lid needs a weight on it as...
  • Stirmi5.jpg
    To give an idea of size the new enclosure is 45cm wide, 30cm deep & 30cm tall with a rounded top front & with small led lights, clear & blue, in...
  • Orphnaecus philippinus - Tabon
    A Tangerine Dream.
  • stirmi3.jpg
    they don't mind car rides usually. I had a 6 hour journey home from a show last year. and they were all fine. It was even January and icy. How I...
  • stirmi3.jpg
    She came in a small transport enclosure, so I just popped that in her new enclosure & then covered the enclosure so she could leave it & start...

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