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Nhandu chromatus- on sac
Casey K.

Nhandu chromatus- on sac

I woke up to this yesterday morning. I meant to post pics but have been super busy lately. This is my fatty girl- well, she has probably lost about 12 grams of tarantula weight, lol....anyhoo, I'm super proud of the new mom!
@Phil whooooaaaa on the grandma comment, lol....not ready for all that just yet. I've got at LEAST another 40 years, lol. ;)
@Casey K. You have to be grandma....lol. Nhandu is mummy and she is yours so that's how it works. Sorry Hun, embrace the inner matriarch...... pmsl
@Casey K. Sounds like you are on a specialist dating site for grannies now.....lmao. thing is, you must have had hundreds of gandkids by now too.☺

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