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Mechanical mom
easy to make with a 24/hour light timer, two 5-oz delicups, soldering iron, nylon knee-high and some moistened coco fiber.

note the beads of gluestick meant to 'grip' the eggsac which will let it flip over as it rotates slowly. if you dont do this it wont rotate properly and will merely slide.
I also used an old dissection kit ruler, marked it to solder off portions to let it fit on the dial to create a platform to adhere the deli-cups onto. You cannot just simply adhere to the center of the timer- only the dial and pins rotate, so you must adhere it carefully. This is why i used the ruler piece, it enabled me to ensure a good connection.

I took a delicup and soldered a few large holes into the bottom, then soldered matching holes into a delicup lid, then i gluegunned the lid to the bottom of the cup, ensuring an airtight seal. A section of nylon Knee-high was used as a partition to prevent coco fiber from spilling into the brood cup, but allow the humidity in.

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