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Loxosceles deserta
Denny Dee

Loxosceles deserta

Yes. A desert cousin. My understanding is that the venom is slightly less potent then the brown recluse (which I have in the enclosure sitting right next to this guy btw). Very cool spiders.
@Grammostola in my heart

I am into Latrodectcus species. I have a Red, Brown, Southern (mactans), 2 Western and waiting on the delivery of a Northern (variolus). Thank you so much for the offer but I am really trying to stay with one of every species due to space. I have over 50 inverts now. I have the fever! :)

The sacs are the negative to them. I have had to pull 3 this season so far. I freeze them as I do not want micro sized widows around the house. Sad but for they hot species, I prefer to be safe versus sorry. Are you into other True Spiders besides Widows?
maybe a trash line. keep in mind youll have to add some small white debris for it to make its line. they dont get big, and dont need much space at all

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