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Grooming time

Gotta love that butt scratch at the end. A. geniculata "Maisa"

Nunua, Mar 16, 2018
    • Enn49
      I love seeing them grooming and you've done well to catch it so well.
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    • Nunua
      @Enn49 - I love it too. It's amazing how thoroughly they clean tarsal and metatarsal scopula, fangs etc!
      Maisa is a great girl what comes to see a T to groom itself. That's her favourite spot: under the hide but right next to the glass. Whenever she has eaten or dug, she just stays on that one corner grooming herself for a while :) I was lucky to be able to get the video, because she easily gets disturbed by the light.
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    • Bubbles
      Wow I've seen bubbles doing that and wondered what he was doing. Well done for capturing it,
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