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G. Pulchripes "Chi-Chi"

G. Pulchripes "Chi-Chi"

She's around 4 inches now. Hasn't molted since Sept 15th, 2017. A beautiful T!
I've seen more than a few tarantulas molt. Been through premolt, blah,blah,blah!! but I'm still asking myself "Did she refuse the superworm, because she's about to molt?!" lol It seems she likes to stuff herself with food, then fast for a period and then molt or she eats 2 or 3 large meals RIGHT before a molt. Perhaps just getting that extra bit of energy before the molt? hmmmm HMMMM!! lol I hate superworms, I chased one of the buggers around the sides of the enclosure with my tongs. I"ll take Dubia roaches anyday!
Thanks guys. I took this photo, after she refused her 4th superworm in a week. Normally she's a very aggressive feeder, so I think a molt is coming up! In just two years, I have watched her grow from a 1.5-2 inch shrimp, into the size of your average Adult Aphonopelma Hentzi. It's very different from just buying a fully grown adult T. I have a greater sense of acclomplishment and pride, raising this T from such a young age.
I did read that this species, when in premolt, looks as if it's been dipped in chocolate head first. That looks about right! Then the dark color, continues along the sides of the abdomen. lol I guess I really just want a monster that requires a fifteen gallon setup! I almost bought an LP 2 years ago. Raising the G. Pulchripes has been fun though. I don't have much space, just enough for a G. Pulchripes, and maybe a dwarf species, like Hapalopus sp.

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