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Female maybe

Female maybe

Kids caught me a pair of spiders coming out of the bathroom, screamed at them "don't you dare squish them!" Now I'm feeding and tending them...
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Wolf spiders, right? I don't know much about true spiders, except a little about latrodectus. I'm learning roaches right now, my brain only has so much room for new data, otherwise random memories get pushed out...wait, where the hell did I leave my..
@MassExodus lol!
yes, I think they get a bad rap, and I have a soft spot for them, they are incredibly docile , they, the jumpers and the common garden spider are what fed my love of arachnids. What we think is the male had gotten into something sticky, he allowed me to pick lint off him bit by bit, then clean his legs and little feet with a damp cotton swab. This one, my daughter calls her(?) the queen as she lies stretched out until you open her container to feed her, she then reaches out and will touch you gently then waits, watches and casually snatchs the food. The whole attitude is like 'Yes peasant, its about time you served me' Provided they do well till spring I'll turn them loose ^^ they were about to be squashed :p
I can't remember what type of wolf spider this is. I just recently rescued one from my sister's foot. lol My north American Spider Guide is around here somewhere! I do remember these getting fairly large once fully grown. I kept a juvenile female for a few months.

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