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Feeding time...

Feeding time...

Sorry it's a little blurry, but you can see the cricket. My T usually waits until I put the enclosure away before taking down a cricket so I haven't actually been able to watch until today! (I didn't want to spook it by taking the lid off while it was eating, so the pic wasn't as good as I wanted.)
@Tnoob It's funny, I dropped the cricket on it's web, and it moved away. Cricket was moving, but spider stood still. I put the enclosure away in the cabinet where I keep it and within a few minutes it turned, crept a little closer and R.I.P. cricket! Also, as it was eating, it dropped the cricket onto the web, spun a little web on the cricket, and then continued eating.. You ever see that, before? All the feeding videos I have watched, I've never seen that. Any comments/info?

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