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Blue death feigners are not peaceful scavengers.

Blue death feigners are not peaceful scavengers.

Asbolus arent commensal mutualists that eat scorpion feces. this is a lie made to market them along with ironclad beetles.

The reality is they're opportunistic omnivores and will readily attack any soft bodied animals they can manage to overpower.
note- this was a healthy eleodes larva. it was not leaking hemolymph, nor were the beetles dehydrated.
I have several large dried prunes that provide all the water they need. This large female BDFB pounced and captured it and ate it alive. Nobody was starving. the entire enclosure is crammed full of food.
(cont) In fact, asbolus' biggest predator is its own kind! Adults will chase other adults to feast on their eggs the moment they drop them. they will dig up the eggs too. This is why people fail at rearing these- you GOTTA get the eggs before the others eat them.

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