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Avic enclosure

Avic enclosure

Exoterra tank. Coconut husk "dirt". Tube is PVC pipe cut and sanded (no sharp edges) covered with silicone and rolled in "dirt". Combination of plastic and silk flowers. Metalic tank is same setup just no skull. He is currently using said tube for molt (I think).
@SikmT7 absolutely....LOL. It's only with dealing with pokies so many times that the thought occured to me! Disposable plastic beakers/cups work well. Just make sure that whatever you block the bottom with does not deteriorate when in the substrate so plastic is best if you can.
@Phil LOL yes indeed! Plastic is the best thing to put on the bottom. I had a cork bark tree trunk that had a hole on the side but my avic liked being out in the open majority of the time in a high place. I had to feed her with tweezers because she would rarely be on the ground. Care sheets and pet shops say that aboreals are for beginners but so not true, you gotta have some experience as a keeper to have one of these! :T:
Thanks @SikmT7 . I loved putting together these enclosures. I've got a few more arborial slings that will be getting rehomed in the next few months. I will definately be following your advise @Phil .
I've got her and 2 metallic. One of which I call Jumpy. Jumps every time I open the enclosure. But they are calmer than several others I've got. And so pretty.
Great setup! I love Avics. They are my favorite T. The way they walk and jump makes them cute. They remind me more of an 8 legged hamster than a spider.

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