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  • stirmi3.jpg
    they don't mind car rides usually. I had a 6 hour journey home from a show last year. and they were all fine. It was even January and icy. How I...
  • stirmi3.jpg
    She came in a small transport enclosure, so I just popped that in her new enclosure & then covered the enclosure so she could leave it & start...
  • stirmi3.jpg
    great name. And to hear pine needles in last enclosure is sad :( Thankfully in a better place now. Looks like she is a thirsty girls too, she...
  • Beginner species...
    Shes blind....premolt. Just thought it was great to see a "docile" spider throw up a strike and threat posture. She held this pose for over 20...
  • Beginner species...
    all capable of having a bad day... LOL

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